6 Ways to Tell If Your Baby is Truly Hungry

Sleeping Baby sucking its thumb holding a Teddy Bear

If you spend any time at all on Facebook, I’m willing to bet you’ve seen this meme floating around in the past couple of weeks. It’s so widespread, in fact, that I’ve even had a conversation about it on several discovery calls and another conversation about it in the grocery store aisle! Let me be

This pregnant mama is exhausted! (HBU?)

A pregnant mother standing in a doorway with her toddler.

This pregnant mama is *exhausted*. But elated at the same time. We are pregnant with baby #2, and just had our anatomy scan this morning. The doctor confirmed what we already tentatively knew- BOY!- plus everything looked 100% healthy. We are super excited about our baby boy who will be completing our sweet family in

5 Myths About Babies’ Sleep (#fakenews)

Infant with a white towel draper over its head.

Have you ever been told to just skip baby’s last nap, and then they’ll sleep great at night? Or just feed them rice cereal when they are a month old, and you’ll start getting better naps? There are SO MANY myths about baby’s sleep and it is so common to hear this #fakenews from friends

Why Hire a Sleep Consultant?

Peaceful Baby Sleeping On A Bed

With all of the information that’s readily available online, and the resources you have at your disposal in the form of friends and family who have managed to get their kids to sleep, why would you want to invite a stranger into your private life just to get your child sleeping through the night?