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Like all other skills, healthy sleep skills need to be taught. If you’re ready for a clear, easy-to-follow plan that is customized to your family’s need, we will help you teach your child the skills necessary to happily sleep through the night (and take long, restful naps during the day). Here’s everything you need to know about setting up a private consultation with us.

0-3 Months
Congratulations! If your little one is younger than 3 months, or if you are expecting a new baby and want to get off to a great sleep start, then you deserve a double high five – both for the birth of your new baby, and for the wise decision to teach your baby healthy sleep habits right from the beginning of his or her life.
3-18 Months
Babies in this age range often haven’t learned the sleep skills necessary to fall asleep and stay asleep without you during either nighttime or naps. This plan shows you how to teach your baby those skills so that he or she can start sleeping longer stretches and even through the night, which helps them (and you!) get some much-needed, restful sleep.
1.5-10 Years
If your child is a toddler or older, the typical sleep challenges might be a little more complicated than those of an infant. They are testing boundaries, having more freedom if they are in a big kid bed, dropping naps, and possibly dealing with common fears such as being afraid of the dark. It is not too late to help your child learn new independent sleep habits.
More Than One Child
Double (or triple?) the fun, double the love, and double the sleep challenges! It still is possible to get a good night sleep, even with two or more bundles of joy! Yes, it is possible to get your twins, or your infant AND toddler AND preschooler taking better daytime naps, going to sleep at a similar bedtime, and just sleeping longer in general.
Sleep Philosophy
My sleep philosophy is that all children (and mommas!) need restful sleep, and so my goal is to help children learn independent sleep skills so that they can fall asleep on their own and stay asleep through the night. I will help develop a customized sleep plan that aligns with the family’s wishes.
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