My beautiful Finnegan was 10 months old and was exhausting during the day and miserable at nights. My husband and I were tired. We were arguing, having no time for ourselves. Finnegan MAYBE took 20 minute naps. He woke up constantly throughout the night, having to feed. We did everything. I read things online. We asked others. I posted to every mom’s group out there. Everyone’s advice to “to-dos” or routines DID NOT WORK.

I can not stress enough how MUCH LIFE CHANGED when we got in contact with Bee Wise Sleep Consulting.

Finny is cutting two teeth and still sleeps through the night! He takes two GREAT naps per day!

Wish I could scream at the top of my lungs how much everyone needs our consultant Megan in their lives. She is awesome. A godsend. We will be forever grateful and recommend her forever!!!!!!

Sleep Philosophy
My sleep philosophy is that all children (and mommas!) need restful sleep, and so my goal is to help children learn independent sleep skills so that they can fall asleep on their own and stay asleep through the night. I will help develop a customized sleep plan that aligns with the family’s wishes.