Ready to Spring Ahead??

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Ready for another time change??

Of course not! But here we are, ready for spring and time to “spring ahead!”

Even though it’s rarely fun, there isn’t a reason to panic. We are here to help!

You have 3 options on how you want to handle it: prepare ahead of time or wait until the time change occurs.

Option 1: Do nothing until the time change occurs. This is my favorite option especially if you have a baby and are still utilizing wake windows.

You will simply jump right in to the new time just as if you were traveling to a new time zone. Keep those awake times you were already utilizing. You can always wake your child up from a nap or in the morning earlier if they aren’t adjusting quickly.

Option 2: Split the difference. This is best for preschool and older and what I will personally be using for my 4 and 6 year olds.

If your child typically has an 8pm bedtime (9pm on clock with the time change), you will put them to bed at 8:30. This will feel like 7:30 to their body but not as big of a jump as transitioning the full hour time change. Keep the 8:30 bedtime for 3-5 nights and then adjust back to your typical 8pm bedtime.

This is also a great strategy for adults and teens!

Option 3: If you are anxious and want to plan ahead before the time change occurs, you can start making small incremental changes the week before OR you can do this method after the time change as well.

Start by adjusting your little one’s schedule by 15 minutes earlier. Example: If your child typically goes to be at 8pm, move bedtime to 7:45. Make these 15 minute changes every 2-3 days until you are at your desired schedule.


Make sure their bedroom is DARK. Now that the sun is coming up earlier, that bright light sneaking in can cause early morning wake ups.

If you are struggling to make it dark enough, I highly recommend you check out BlackoutEZ Window Covers.

Happy Spring!!


Sleep Philosophy
My sleep philosophy is that all children (and mommas!) need restful sleep, and so my goal is to help children learn independent sleep skills so that they can fall asleep on their own and stay asleep through the night. I will help develop a customized sleep plan that aligns with the family’s wishes.